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When tough conditions await on the road, it's Protection Time!
The absolute best protection for your car returns with the start of autumn. Take care of your car's value and safety in the rain with Soft99's flagship duo of unbeatable products: Fusso Coat 12 Months and Ultra Glaco.

It's Protection Time!
Discover the legendary Japanese Fusso technology and give your car unmatched shine and long-lasting protection that withstands the harshest weather conditions! Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax is a unique coating in wax form that thanks to fluorine polymers provides unsurpassed durability and resistance to chemical elements, road film, salt and effects of late year weather conditions. Get Fusso and enjoy 12 months of protection and great visual boost for your car!

Safety comes first. Forget about bad visibility during rain thanks to Ultra Glaco glass coating!
Ultra Glaco is the most durable water-repellent glass coating on the market. One year of protection, profiled bottle and the same excellent properties that for over 30 years guaranteed Soft99 world leadership in the field of hydrophobic coatings for glass surfaces. With Glaco you will forget about weather conditions being a problem at all.

Shampoo designed for a protected car!
Car shampoo with a unique, safe formula. It combines efficient washing power with a gentle, pH-neutral formula, so you can easily wash your car while maintaining the protective properties of Soft99 waxes or QJUTSU quartz coatings. Exceptionally user-friendly: it rinses off very easily and doesn't dry on the paintwork, allowing you to work peacefully and thoroughly without rushing. Leaves no streaks or marks. The thick foam and mint fragrance make work more enjoyable. Works great as snow foam.

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