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This is probably the only Made In Japan premium clay bar to be available in the UK. This clay bar is a fine grade type. It does not require any use of quick detailer! Water will do! And it is safe to use even it is ok to be use on a ceramic coated car!

You have to use it to see for yourself the quality!

What does it comes with?
- Retail packaging
- 50grams x 2 piece of smooth egg clay bar
- 2 resealable plastic bags

How to use?
- Wash and Dry car first
- If possible be use iron remover first to less stress the clay bar
- Break a piece of clay bar into 2
- Warm up by keep rubbing and flatten up the clay bar
- Spray water on body work and go over with clay bar
- If surface is dirty please knead the bar to keep expose the fresh clay
- Use included resealable bags to store after finish

1. Remove any dirt on the car bodywork with car shampoo,
2. Dry your car with microfibre drying towel
3. Shake the bottle well, turn the stopper to ,and then spray it on bodywork (an average bonnet will only need 6 spray
3. Wipe it with detailing grade microfibre.

- Please keep out of reach of children
- Do not eat
- If its drop on the floor please dispose it
- If it is too dirty dispose it.

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