Soft99 Water Block Light 300g

Soft99 Water Block Light 300g

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Water Block Light has finally arrived after several request! The Water block has the best water repellency among all the other waxes/sealants, compare to Fusso coat it has a higher beading angle hence water droplets generally will look bigger.

This newly developed waterproof resin is highly durable and shuts out acid rain, rain, and water from affecting the car's body exterior. It has amazing water-repellency and its effects last for up to 10 car washes (Car wash machine in Japan). Durability is 4 months

What comes in the box?
- Retail packaging
- Water block 300g

1. Remove any dirt on the car bodywork with car shampoo,
2. Dry your car with microfibre drying towel
3. apply thinly and wait for 3-5 mins to buff off
3. Wipe it with detailing grade microfibre (We recommend one of our Korean Microfibre cloth), flip towel if necessary in between process.