TAC Systems Arcane Lube - Dedicated Clay Bar Lubricant 500ml

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High quality lubricant for Clay
Prevention of scratching - extreme slickness to prevent any damages to the paint surfaces and offering easy and simple cleaning at the same time
Strong cleaning agents –  easily washing away and removing any pollutants and residues
Less friction - protecting  paint surfaces and yielding the best result
Water soluble – easy to be washed away with water
Longevity of moisturizing to the dryness – Taking a long time to dry out while in work

How to Use:
1、Wash your car thoroughly with water before use.
2、Spray with clay on car surfaces.
3、After working with clay, wash car surfaces thoroughly.

-Do not use for any other purposes other than the intended use.
-Store in a cool and shaded place.
-Keep out of reach of children.

Size: 500ml.

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