TAC Systems - Moonlight (25% Silica Spray Sealant) 250ml

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TAC Systems Moonlight Silica Based Sealant.
Moonlight is an oil-based maintenance coating containing 20 to 25% of SiO2.  Moonlight adds a crystalised hydrophobic and glossy layer on top of the vehicle surface.  It offers excellence water repellency qualities, high durability and enhances the gloss of the surface.  Moonlight does not only refresh vehicle that has been treated with body coatings, Moonlight can also be applied as a standalone product which too would increase the gloss and hydrphobic properties of the vehicle' surface.

Very easy to Apply. Moonlight can lasts up to 9 months.

Supplied in 250ml Spray Head Bottle.  Please note, after use you must empty the spray head (either rinse out or turn the bottle upside down and spray a few times).  If you do not clear out the spray head the product will set in the nozzle rendering the spray head useless.

1) Make sure the surface is clean and contaminent free.  Use TACSYSTEM oil zero (or similar) to remove oil and wax on paint surface before application of moonlight
2)     OPTION 1
        Spray the product directly onto the panel and using a microfibre cloth spread the product evenly over the surface.  Using a seperate microfibre cloth, remove any excess immediately
        OPTION 2
        Using a microfibre applicator, apply the product evenly to the panel and use a high quality microfibre to remove any excess.  Moonlight does not need to be left to cure on the surface so should be removed immediately
3) Apply panel by panel
4) Please make sure the panel is cool before applying moonlight
5) As this product is oil based it should be left to cure for 4-6 hours prior to getting wet.  If there is a chance of the product getting wet then we recommend applying TAC System Quartz Max after approximately 1 hour to prevent water spots.

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