Wheel Woolies With Comfort Grips - New Style 3 Piece Wheel Cleaning Kit (A-Kit)

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Wheel Woolies 3 Piece cleaning kit - Premium Set


These are the premium set of Wheel Woolies and have foam comfort grips fitted to both the large and medium sized Wheel Woolies

This is by far the safest, most effective way to clean vehicles wheels we have ever seen. Most wheel brushes do an excellent job at cleaning the outside surfaces of the wheel but do not allow the user to get into the small holes and crevices where the brake dust collects. Twisted wire spoke brushes will reach in but they can really scratch up a wheel if used carelessly. These new wheel brushes combine the best of both worlds. There is no metal in this brush whatsoever. The soft, dense carpet fibers will hold suds to transfer them to the wheel. This is a must-have brush to keep new wheels looking that way.

This kit contains three brushes, Large (18" Long, 3" dia. head), Medium (18" Long, 2" dia) and Small (8" Long, 1" dia.).

Supplied as a set of 3. Large (18" Long, 3" diameter), Medium (18" Long, 2" diameter), Small (8" Long, 1" diameter)

Premium Set featuring foam comfort grips fitted to both the large and medium sized Wheel Woolies

Polypropylene fibre heads & flexible polypropylene handles. Guaranteed not to scratch your wheels or paint!

Patented Technology 100 % metal free design. Ideal to use on wheels, badges, engine bay or any other hard to reach area.

Easy to clean. Premium Luxury Quality which will last for years.
Simply use them in conjunction with your favourite cleaning products for excellent results!

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