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Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash is a highly concentrated, rinseless car wash that can be used practically anywhere.

The advanced formula enables you to wash your entire car without having to rinse your vehicle, meaning you can clean it pretty much anywhere. This is extremely useful if you live in an apartment complex or if you’re at a car show. This solution also saves time and cuts water usage by 90%.

This highly concentrated formula is thick and slick, providing a safe way to remove road grime without scratching delicate paint. You only need one ounce to turn 3 gallons of water into a highly lubricated, super effective rinseless wash solution.


Rinseless wash (1 ounce Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash : 3 gallons water)

Standard car wash solution booster (add ½ ounce Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash to wash bucket)

Clay lubricant (1 ounce Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash : 1 gallon water)

Quick detail spray (2 ounces Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash : 1 gallon water)

Size: 473ml (16oz)

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Webb
Sumply the best

Have used other rinseless washes, but this is the best I've used yet. Good dilution ratio, and leave great gloss.

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