One Step Detail Package

Our One Step Package is an Insight in to what we offer here at High Definition Detail in regards to machine polishing, the One Step Package will remove light to moderate swirls, oxidation, water spots aswell as adding a durable protective layer of wet diamond polymer sealant by using a One Step All in One applied via machine, adding some impressive gloss and leaving a very slick surface behind.

  • Wheels – wheel faces and barrels cleaned, tyres degreased and thoroughly cleaned and wheel arches cleaned and flushed.
  • Pre Wash - pre-washing stage to safely and effectively remove traffic film and road grime present prior to the contact wash.
  • 2 Bucket Method - 2 bucket method wash with an alkaline degreaser detergent to thoroughly ensure a deep cleanse, with Grit Guards & Washboard inserted using ultra soft dense pile Dooka Wash Pads for upper & lower parts of the vehicle to ensure a safe contact wash.
  • Decontamination - this process is a 2 part chemical decontamination process (tar remover & fallout remover) followed by a mechanical clay process to ensure all above surface contaminates are effectively removed from paintwork prior to the polishing stage.
  • Paint Readings – Paint readings measured with an DeFelsko Positest DFT Paint Thickness Gauge on all metal panels prior to any machine work to ensure enough total film build.
  • One Step AIO – One Step All in One applied via machine to all paint surfaces to reduce a certain level of light to moderate defects while the main focus aiming on improving the vehicles looks and overall gloss levels.
  • Protection – This package includes a durable paint sealant applied to all painted surfaces.

Price starting from: 

(Fiat 500 smaller size vehicle) £249

(Audi A5 medium size vehicle) £299

(Range Rover larger size vehicle) £399

* Prices shown are a starting FROM price this price can alter depending on vehicle size and condition and include VAT at the current rate, a non-refundable booking fee is required to be paid upon booking *