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Blackfire Clay Mitt removes embedded surface contaminants such as over-spray, road grime, dirt, industrial fall-out, tree sap and more.

This specialised wash mitt uses an advanced rubberised material to safely remove embedded contaminants from your paint. This synthetic coating works the way a traditional clay bar does, but with a lot less mess.

Engineered as a two-in-one tool, the Blackfire Clay Mitt works as both a wash mitt and a method of decontamination.

Rather than having to knead your clay bar multiple times during a detail, you can simply rinse away removed contaminants from the mitt and continue.

When using the Clay Mitt during your regular washing routine, first remove all loose dirt and debris. Submerge the Clay Mitt in your bucket of soapy water and re-wash your vehicle one panel at a time

When using the Clay Mitt on its own with a dedicated clay lubricant, first wash the car to remove all loose dirt and debris. Spray a liberal amount of Blackfire Clay Lubricant onto the surface, working one panel at a time. Gently move the Clay Mitt back and forth across the paint in a criss-crossing motion. Dry the panel you've just worked on before moving on to the next panel.


-          Works as both a wash mitt and a method of decontamination

-          Safely removes embedded contaminants from your paint

-          Advancement on clay barring

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