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Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Wax is made from a blend of synthetic waxes to obtain a high degree of consistent quality. The most important attributes of this wax blend are hi melting points and greater hardness than natural waxes, such as carnauba. Finish Kare 1000P provides not only a high gloss but resistance to wear from heat, water and other natural causes. 

1000P makes a absolutely excellent winter protective wax.

Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Wax provides supreb heat-resistant, long-wearing paint protection with a high tech, German-inspired synthetic formula. Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Wax can withstand temperatures above 250 degrees, giving this wax amazing durability.

Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Wax provides incredible resistance to UV, hard water, acid rain, bug remains, tree sap and other harsh enironmental contaminants. It's an ideal car wax for daily drivers in hot, sunny climates. Use Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Wax on all vehicle paint, gel coat and metal surfaces. 

In a nut-shell, Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Wax consistently gives your vehicle a beautiful shine with exceptional durability.

Directions: Apply with a clean, soft cloth or a foam applicator in a overlapping circular pattern for uniform film. Allow the wax to dry and wipe off residue with soft microfibre cloth. Then buff to a bright, hard, slick and protective finish.

Size: 412g.

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