in2Detailing Ceramic Crystal Wax 200g

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in2Detailing Ceramic Crystal Wax

in2Detailing are proud to release our new wax.  Incorporating ceramic technology into a wax can often be tricky, leading to difficult application and removal.
Ceramic Crystal Wax is not only ridiculously easy to apply (even a novice can get amazing results), but removal is an absolute dream, not drag or Popeye arms with this one!

With a single layer providing 4-5 months durability this single tub of wax should last you for years to come.

Beading...........well, everyone likes to see those tall, round beads and Ceramic Crystal wax will not disappoint.  Ceramic Crystal Wax beads and sheets water unbelievably and really has to be seen to be appreciated.

Ideally this wax should be applied to bare paintwork however it will sit perfectly fine on top of any ceramic coating or sealant however durability may be slightly compromised.  

Direction For Use: Ensure paintwork is contaminant free.  Using a lightly dampened wax applicator, apply a thin even layer to a full panel.  Allow the wax to haze before removing with a short pile microfibre cloth.  Finish by giving the panel a final buff with a plush microfibre cloth before moving onto the next panel.  

Ensure panels are cool before application.

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