Koch Chemie LS Leather Star 1 Litre

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Premium leather care for revitalising, preserving and protecting against materials becoming brittle. To be used on smooth leather, suede and perforated leather materials, eg. motor vehicles, furniture, etc.

Creates a pleasant fragrance, a colour intensifying appearance, alongside a supple and soft feel, without causing any undesirable slipperiness.

A deep cleaner, it promises to restore your run-down leather, leaving an exceptional new-leather appearance.

Recommended use: Clean the dirt first with a suitable cleaner (eg. Koch Chemie Pol Star). Wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Shake Leather Star well before use. Apply evenly and extensively to the leather surfaces with a sponge or a soft microfiber cloth and leave to dry. Remove any excess with a soft cloth.

1 Litre.

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