Koch Chemie Po - Pol Star Fabric, Leather & Alacantra Cleaner

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Koch Chemie Po Pol Star Textile, Leather and Alacantra Cleaner, pH 7

Koch Chemie Po is an effective pH neutral cleaner with protection formula for leather, alcantara and textiles such as upholstery and carpets. The dirt is removed from deep in the fibres by fine-pored foam lamellas and can be wiped up with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. Does not leave any water marks and preserves the original waterproofing. The conserver protects the parts against becoming dirty again quickly.

Areas of Use: Leather, alcantara and textiles, etc.

How to Use: Depending on the dirt accumulation, apply a 1:5 to 1:20 solution with a spray bottle, microfibre mitt or similar and allow to react for a short time. Work in carefully with a sponge or microfibre cloth in the direction of the main fibres. Wipe up product residues and foam with a damp cloth or a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

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Mark M
Great value

A fantastic interior cleaner and a great price to boot .

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