Kranzle Quick Release DELUXE Short Trigger SWIVEL Gun with Quick Release Nozzles

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Fitment: Kranzle K7
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Market Leading Pro Industrial Wash Gun with Rubberised Grip and Swivel Inlet to Prevent Kinking

40 Litres per minute @ 150°c Maximum Flow
345 Bar / 5000 Psi Maximum Pressure

Long trigger guns and lances are a thing of the past! These quick release short trigger guns are ideal for confined spaces. More so, they are generally just nicer to hold, feel & use! Configured with a swivel inlet which prevents your hose from kinking!

Item comes with everything needed to use with your Pressure wash.  Just release the hose from your current trigger and clip into the bottom of this trigger gun.  You can be up and running in literally 30 seconds!
Includes 5x Quick Release Nozzles (White: 40°, Green: 25°, Yellow: 15°, Red: 0°, Black: Soap Jet).  Also comes with 1/4 Quick Connect Snow Foam Adaptor

When attaching the nozzles, please press them in firmly to make sure they are secured bedded in.
* Colour of trigger gun may vary *

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