High Definition Detail Bucket Filter

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The HDD Bucket Filter fits into your wash bucket and enables you to wash your car without the risk of swirls and scratches.     

As you go to rinse your wash mitt or sponge in your bucket there will sometimes be grit that remains in the fibres of the mitt/sponge. It is important to get rid of these contaminants before you touch your paintwork again as these can cause dreaded swirl marks.

By using the High Definition Detail Bucket Filter in your bucket you can rub your wash mitt or sponge against it and this will loosen and release any particles that can cause swirl marks. The dirt particles will drift to the bottom of your bucket. The Bucket Filter also creates a barrier between the grit that will have accumulated at the bottom of your bucket and your wash mitt.

When you use a Bucket Filter you get your detailing session off to the best possible start and save time down the line. If you create swirl marks, you’d have to correct them further down the process.


-          Fits 5 US Gallon buckets

-          Extracts contaminants from wash mitt/sponge

-          Creates a barrier between wash mitt & grit at bottom of bucket

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