Nexdiag NexPTG PRO Carbon Paint Depth Gauge (With Calibration Certificate)

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The NexPTG PRO Carbon is the newest model and has the greatest number of functionalities, innovative features not available on other models. The meter is designed for automotive professionals. In addition, the NexPTG PRO Carbon gauge has a number of options that will help the user to examine a vehicle more efficiently and more effectively.

NexPTG PRO Carbon has a dedicated report, which allows you to present data in a more accessible way. All measurements are placed in tables and compared with each other using the symmetric measurement table. Both external and internal components can be measured.
The measurement sets function allows you to customize the location of the measured points as desired.

The latest functionalities include: 

  • new standard car bodies
  • extended individual interpretation
  • dedicated car bodies
  • voice command control
  • new layout
  • QR, EAN, OCR reader
  • smartwatch application

NexPTG PRO Carbon has a dedicated application. You can install it on any mobile device equipped with iOS or Android.
The dedicated application will allow you to examine the lacquer coat with unprecedented accuracy and precision.
This model has a dedicated app available on Wear OS and watchOS watches. The app exclusively works with PRO Carbon devices.

The app allows:

  • automatic search and connection with the NexPTG device
  • indicating the measurement value, substrate detection, measurement interpretation
  • creation a short history of measurements and browsing it
  • insight into measuring statistics
  • calibration of the NexPTG device

Application available on Google Play, Huawei App Gallery and App Store.

Minimum system and hardware requirements for the NexPTG mobile application:

  • Android (telephone, tablet): Android 5.0 or later, Bluetooth with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • iOS (telephone, tablet): System iOS 11 or later, iPhone 6s or later
  • Smartwatch: with Wear OS or WatchOS system

Set contains:

  • NexPTG device
  • dedicated tool case with calibration set
  • shortened user guide
  • calibration certificate (EN)

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