Nilfisk Quick Release DELUXE Short Trigger SWIVEL Gun with Quick Release Nozzles

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Featuring our Nilfisk Quick Release DELUXE Short Trigger SWIVEL Gun with Quick Release Nozzles with upgraded internals, with a full rubberized grip and smoother trigger without the expensive price with a unique built in short swivel.

Nilfisk Quick Release Trigger Gun, exclusive Nilfisk Triggers, will fit Nilfisk C-Series, E-Series, D-Series, P-Series machines and more, please make sure your hose end is the same one as in the pictures before ordering.


* Will fit most Nilfisk domestic pressure washers but please make sure before ordering, that your hose end is the exact same as the one in the pictures below with the black collar shelve further down *

Industrial heavy duty grade short trigger fun comes with quick release pressure nozzles and snow foam lance adaptor with brass valve.

1 x 0 Degree Red Nozzle

1 x 15 Degree Yellow Nozzle

1 x 25 Degree Green Nozzle

1 x 40 Degree White Nozzle

1 x Black Soap Nozzle

1 x Snow Foam Lance Quick Release Adaptor to convert your lance to quick release fitment, making it compatible to use with our trigger gun setup.

1 x Nilfisk coupling adaptor.

Rated at 4000 psi.

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