Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid Machine Polisher - Long Neck (LUX KIT)

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Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid Machine Polisher - Long Neck (LUX KIT)

Introducing the Rupes iBrid Nano - Long Neck LUX Kit, the epitome of RUPES' forward-thinking design philosophy, ushering in a new era of innovation, flexibility, versatility, and sustainability in detailing technology.

Key Features and Benefits:

**Innovative Manufacturing Concept:** The iBrid concept revolutionizes manufacturing processes, enhancing efficiency and optimizing the user experience. It seamlessly combines battery functionality and the option of corded electric supply, ensuring uninterrupted performance during your tasks.

**Multi-Action Movements:** The Nano, a part of the iBrid family, introduces multi-action movements that redefine the approach to cleaning and detailing. With its compact design and versatility, it becomes an indispensable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

**High-Performance Motor:** The iBrid system incorporates a high-performance motor that not only saves energy but also delivers exceptional performance with minimal environmental impact. This results in energy savings while maintaining top-tier efficiency.

**Reliability and Quality:** Backed by the trusted BigFoot family name, iBrid technology upholds a pedigree of reliability and quality that sets it apart. Paired with a full range of foams, compounds, and accessories, it offers limitless applications for detailing tasks.

**Multi-Action Capability:** The BigFoot Nano is a true multi-action tool, seamlessly performing orbital movement, rotary movement, polishing, sanding, and cleaning tasks—all in one compact and easy-to-use system.

**Comprehensive Kit:** The Rupes iBrid Nano - Long Neck LUX Kit includes a range of essential components and accessories to support your detailing needs, ensuring you have everything required for various applications.

- 1x Bigfoot SystainerTool Box
- 1x Rupes Bigfoot NanoiBridLong Neck Polisher HR81ML
- 1x Charger
- 1x AC-DC Power Adapter
- 1x Spare Battery
- 1x Rotary Functional Unit
- 1x 3mm Orbit Functional Unit
- 1x 12mm Orbit Functional Unit
- 1x Horsehair Medium Cup Brush
- 1x Nylon Hard Cup Brush
- 1x Polishing Backing Pad 50mm [2"]
- 1x Backing Pad 30mm [1-1/4"]
- 1x Sanding Backing Pad 30mm [1-1/4"]
- 6x Coarse Polishing Pad 30/40mm [1-1/4"]
- 4x Coarse Polishing Pad 50/70mm [2"]
- 6x Fine Polishing Pad 30/40mm [1-1/4"]
- 4x Fine Polishing Pad 50/70mm [2"]
- 1x D-A Coarse Polishing Compound 250ml
- 1x D-A Fine Polishing Compound 250ml
- 1x Yellow Microfibre Cloth
- 1x Blue Microfibre Cloth
- 10x 35mm Adhesive Disks for Denibbing P2000
- 10x 35mm Adhesive Disks for Denibbing P3000
- 1x Extension Shaft for Nano Polisher

The kit includes a comprehensive range of components and accessories to meet your detailing needs.

Elevate your detailing game with the Rupes iBrid Nano - Long Neck LUX Kit, designed to make your detailing tasks more efficient and versatile than ever before.

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