Rupes LHR12E Big Foot Duetto Machine Polisher (STD KIT)

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Introducing Duetto, the all-in-one sanding and polishing system designed for painted surfaces. Duetto is a versatile tool that excels in both defect correction and polishing stages, offering outstanding results whether working with micro-abrasives or foam polishing pads and compounds.

Key Features and Benefits:

**Versatility:** Duetto is equally effective when used with soft or interface backing pads in combination with micro-abrasives for defect correction or with foam polishing pads and compounds for the polishing stage. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of automotive surface refinement tasks.

**Optimized Orbit Length:** Extensive research on random orbital dynamics has led to the selection of a 12mm orbit for Duetto. This specific orbit length significantly enhances the surface rectification capabilities of modern microabrasive discs. When paired with Duetto, microabrasives are particularly effective in smoothing out imperfections like orange peel or significant defects, resulting in a homogeneous and predictable finish without deep sanding marks.

**Efficiency:** Correcting severe defects with microabrasive discs and Duetto creates a surface that is ready for polishing, dramatically reducing the overall time needed for the entire correction process. Duetto's exceptional balance and low vibration levels allow operators to easily control the sanding step by smoothly guiding the tool over the surface. This level of operator control minimizes the risk of creating rough and uneven surfaces that would necessitate time-consuming rework.

**Operator-Friendly Design:** Duetto incorporates several design features that prioritize operator comfort and ease of use. The anti-spinning device reduces the chances of operator errors, making it suitable even for novice technicians. The front hand grip enables the operator to position their hand at the virtual balance center of the tool, minimizing vibration.

**Torque Control:** The electronic module of Duetto includes built-in torque control, reducing the need for the operator to apply significant downward pressure during operation. This feature streamlines the sanding process and enhances overall control.

**Rubber Support:** Duetto includes a unique rubber support feature that allows the operator to place the tool on a workbench without the abrasive disc making contact with the surface. This prevents potential contamination transfer from the workbench to the workpiece during the sanding process.

**Compatibility:** Duetto is compatible with microabrasive discs and the appropriate 5” interface pad, providing flexibility and ease of use for various detailing tasks.

Experience the efficiency, versatility, and operator-friendly design of Duetto—a tool that simplifies the process of achieving flawless automotive surface finishes.

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