Soft99 Hydro Gloss Wax (Hydrophobic Type) 150g

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Formulated especially for professionally coated vehicles, Hydro Gloss Wax is a water-based preparation making no use of petrochemical solvents, while being just as effective as a traditional hard wax. Not only that, but application is simple and easy - just spread out the soft wax with the included cloth and gently rub it into the paintwork to get a thick layer with a brilliant finish. This formulation is based on a highly hydrophobic silicone polymer to maximize protection from dirt and water-borne contaminants.

How to use the product

Note: Apply to a washed and thoroughly dried car.
1. Take a moderate amount of wax onto the included cloth, and apply it evenly to the body of the vehicle.
2. Simply polish into the surface with even pressure to achieve a perfect finish. There is no need for curing or removal. Be sure to polish until no visible product remains on the paintwork.

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