TAC Systems Mystic Water Repellent Foam + Coat

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TAC Systems Mystic Water Repellent
TAC Systems Mystic Water Repellent is a bit of a strange one which we weren't sure about when it first arrived.......since we have put it into use though, we have been pleasently surprised.  With Mystic Water Repellent you can both clean and protect your car in one step.  Mystic Water Repellent is ideal for use on lightly soiled cars where you don't need to get out your buckets, grit guards, wash mitt etc.  Mystic Water repellent is pH neutral meanign it is safe to use on all paint finishes.  MWR will not clean as well as Ultra Foam and will not protect as well as Water Glass, however it is a perfect medium of the 2 which in our opinion is perfect for those quick summer washes. 

How to Use
1) Fill your normal foam lance with some Mystic Water Repellent and water.  We normally add about 100ml and 500ml of water and store the remainder however you can adjust to suit.
Spray on the vehicle and allow to dwell. Mystic Water Repellent gets to work removing dirt and leaving behind a layer of protection
3) Rinse off

Sizes: 500ml

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