TAC Systems Quartz Magic Plus - Alloy Wheel and Plastic/Trim Coating

TAC Systems Quartz Magic Plus - Alloy Wheel and Plastic/Trim Coating

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This special glass coating is specially made for protecting your vehicle's alloy wheels as well as plastic and rubber exterior surfaces.

Sizes : 30ml & 50ml

Package : 1x Quartz Magic Plus, 5x Suede 10cm x 10cm, 1x Coating Block

Quartz Magic Plus comprises more than 60% of pure silica. This magical glass coating is able to withstand higher temperatures than other coatings making ideally suited for alloy wheels.  Quartz Magic Plus also restores faded plastic trim and protects the surfaces from the sun's harmful UV rays. With the hardness of the coating, the surfaces applied are also water spot and stain resistant, preventing mineral left by water or other contaminants to penetrate the surface. Due to the semi-permanent nature of Quartz Magic, it should be used on a clean and dry surface. Durability is quoted up to 1 year, however our testing has shown that you can easiy expect 16-18 months.
1) Make sure surface is free of oil & grease. 
2) Completely dry surface. 
3) Shake bottle. 
4) Apply a few drops onto suede applicator. 
5) Work the product evenly and in a crisscross motion. 
6) Leave product to cure on the surface. 

Curing times : 
1- 10 minutes. at 10~30C respectively. 
Wipe off excess product to create a uniformed finish. 
Note : 
Full dry time with no rain 24 hours. 
Any water markss during first 24 hours must be wiped off.