TAC Systems Quartz Shine - 70% Silica Vehicle Ceramic Coating

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Professional car body quartz coating suitable for all colours.  Leaves a deep glossy finish that is both hydrophobic and durable. 

Sizes : 30ml & 50ml
Package :  1x Quartz Shine 30ml/50ml, 5x Suede 10cm x 10cm, 1 Suede 40cm x 40cm
Durability : Up to 2 years

TACSYSTEM Quartz Shine is developed and formulated base on the 4 generations of the chemical coating. It contains an average of 70% SILICA under the chemical process of SiO2 conversion to give a tough and durable coating on paint, metal and plastic surfaces. 

Quartz Shine prime chemical compositions are TIO2 and Zr. These two prime chemical combination will process a strong structures which keep the treated surface of the paint long lasting, durable and high water repellency. 

The main function of TIO2 and Zr chemical reaction will gives great effect on cars paint in gloss, slick and self cleaning. The Zr is to create a durable dehydration of Silica and TIO2 is to give a self cleaning function, thus less contamination is bond on the paint surface.

1. Use TACSYSTEM oil zero (or similar) to remove oil and wax on paint surface before application of quartz Shine. 

2. Wrap suede around the black foam side of the applicatior. 
3. Apply a few drops of Quartz Shine on the suede cloth applicator. 
4. Work the product evenly in a criss-cross motion.
5. Apply panel-by-panel
6. Remove excess immediately with a microfibre cloth
7. Apply Quartz Max after an hour to prevent water spots

Do not leave any residue on the surface.

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