TAC Systems Seal - Water Based Plastic, Rubber, Leather and Tyre Dressing

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SEAL is a multipurpose water-based protective coating. SEAL is designed to protect and renew plastic, rubber seals, leather, tire, trim and engine bay. SEAL can restores the original state of the surfaces and lasts up to 3 months with a high grade UV and hydrophobic protection. SEAL reduces the rate of the material and surfaces oxidizing and leaves a satin gloss finish after applied. SEAL can avoid leather from cracking and wearing off from dirt and stains. SEAL is non-greasy, non-alcoholic and solvent free! Surfaces treated with SEAL will require less cleaning and will retain a new look. 

Dilution Ratio (SEAL:WATER) for material: 
- Tires/Rubber - 1:1 
- Plastics - 1:3 
- Engine - 1:3 
- Interior / Dashboard / Leather - 1:5 
1. Clean the surface from dirt, oil & dust. 
2. Shake bottle well. 
3. Apply on surface. 
4. Wipe off with microfiber cloth.

Customer Reviews

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Mark M
My favourite dressing

A very nice product and can be diluted as required for whatever task , a very nice satin finish on tyres , not a fan of using for any interior work myself .

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