TAC Systems Water Spot Zero 500ml - Water Spot and Mineral Remover

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Water Spot Zero is possibly the most effective and easy to use water-based water spot and acids remover! With its advanced formula, Water Spot Zero can be used on any surfaces that have been corrupted with acid rain, water stains and watermarks. Water Spot Zero eliminates the acid rain and water stains simply by spray-leave-rinse. It also delivers a fresh grape fragrance when applying. Water Spot Zero clears out the stains that embedded on the glass and enhances your visibility!

1. Shake well. 
2. Spray /Wipe on affected glass/window 
3. Leave for 2-5minutes, allow it to react 
4. Wipe off with cloth or Rinse well with water 

Avoid leaving product to dry on surface 
Do not work under direct sunlight

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